Data Organization is Critical to Innovation

High quality data is increasingly important to company profitability.

Sales increase when people can easily find the products, components, and services they need.

Errors decrease when people have access to the accurate and complete product information.

Inventory costs decrease when parts and components can be reused in multiple product applications.

Product quality improves when relevant product knowledge is easily accessible.

Parts and components selection depends on the availablity and accuracy of data and directly affects product quality.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will create a tidal wave of data from myriad devices.

Employing a standard method of describing and understanding things makes managing and finding data easy.

Structured Data
Makes it Easy

Establishing standards for organizing data improves communication, avoids errors and rework, and ensures delivery of high quality products.

People tend to have data in their own documents that are not synchronized, resulting in information and knowledge that is difficult to maintain and reuse.

Emailing spreadsheets back and forth results in data becoming duplicated or lost, resulting in an increase in design, development, and manufacturing costs.

Existing product databases often lack the data needed to accurately analyze use of parts, resulting in higher component costs.

Updating and altering existing databases is time consuming and difficult.

Applying a standardized structure to your data, allows people to find what they need and eliminate redundant work efforts.

Businesses will soon experience a flood of data from the IoT wave, and must be ready to handle it with a capable data management system.

How We Can Help

Noëtic Data provides the resources, process, and technology for producing, developing, and maintaining high quality data.

Working with you as your data partner, we help you create a standardized structure for your data.

You can populate your data structure, or allow our data engineers to do it for you. We will find and extract the data from your databases, electronic or paper documents, or from your supplier sources.

Our tools and services ensure that the accuracy and precision of your data is maintained.

Your data can be published and delivered to any destination system you prefer, or we can maintain and manage it within our secured access environment for you.

When your data changes (as it always does), we can update and maintain the structure so that people always have access to the most accurate and current data.